Rapture Index: In Which Todd Strandberg Puts Me to Shame

Ok, it’s about time I admit this to myself: I am a bad blogger.

Every so often I come across something and think, “Aha! Here is a thing I should share on Rapture Practice!” I spend about a week meaning to post said thing and then forget about it. Repeat every couple of weeks for a year.

But recently my cousin sent me this lovely article from Vocativ! You may remember the Rapture Index from several of my early updates. Now you can learn all about the man behind the numbers: one Todd Strandberg!

The End is Nigh

Strandberg is the kind of Rapture nerd that puts bloggers like me to shame.  He has been updating the Rapture Index every day for the past 28 years. Unsurprisingly, the numbers have been steadily climbing since 1990.  Right now the Rapture Index hovers at about 180.

For context, when the Second Coming strikes, the Index will be at about 225. Strandberg expects this spike in Rapture-related activity to occur within 5 years. At the rate I’ve been updating, that means I’ll get in about 5 more blog entries before Armageddon.

Maybe now that I’m back on here, I’ll finally get around to some of the Rapture books/movies I’ve been meaning to review.

Or maybe I’ll disappear for another year.

Who knows?! The internet is full of surprises!



2 thoughts on “Rapture Index: In Which Todd Strandberg Puts Me to Shame

  1. And yet here we are, resolutely un-raptured.

    Or maybe it happened some time in the 1600s and there was one guy called William who actually qualified, and since then we’ve been in the End Times without noticing.

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