Rapture Comic Adventures: Part 3

Subnormality is one of my favorites! Check out their secular take on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse … if you dare …


The Atheist Apocalypse

Touched by an Angel

Found this Apocalyptic theory featured on one of my favorite sites, notalwaysright.com!  As End Times theories go, I think it has potential!

Didn’t See That (Second) Coming


(I run an independent coffeehouse on the main drag in a small town. A regular walks in, doing her usual purposeful strut to the counter.)

Me: “Hey [Name], how’s it going?”

Customer: “Good. You know what I want?”

(I nod as I begin making her nonfat, no carb latte with extra ice.)

Customer: “You know, I like Criss Angel…”

Me: “Yeah, he’s… something all right.”

Customer: “You know…” *drifts off for a second before coming back down to earth with the rest of us* “I really think he’s the second coming…”

(I stop what I’m doing to look at her as I wait for the punchline. Turns out it’s not coming.)

Customer: “He can do everything Jesus could do.”

(I’m still waiting for the ‘HA! Funny huh?,’ but I see she’s dead serious and waiting for commiseration.)

Me: “Criss Angel is a magician.”

Customer: *nods smiling*

Me: “An illusionist. He does tricks.”

Customer: *her smile slowly fades to a look of total desolation* “Oh.”

(I finished her latte and rung her up. She didn’t say anything else and walked out looking much less sure of herself. I almost felt bad.)

Rapture Comic Adventures

I just came across a Rapture-themed post in a new webcomic (well, new to me) called Invisible Bread!  This beautiful work of art has inspired me to go ahead with something I’ve been meaning to do for a while … post a collection of Rapture-themed webcomics!  Each week from here on out I’ll post a link to one of them. *I’m linking instead of just posting them so that the artist’s page gets some traffic.*  This will go … I guess until I run out of webomics.  So … cool!

Here’s the first of our Rapture Comic Adventures brought to you by Invisible Bread (click to read the full comic):

Banana Rapture

In Need of Sleep