Where am I?

I’m around.  Grad school started up again about a month ago.

“Ha!” I said.  “Grad school is small potatoes! I won’t let being a grown up interfere with my all-important interneting!”

I immediately went on to let being a grown up interfere with my all-important interneting.

What to do? I can’t just drop out of grad school halfway through.  That would be very silly.  I s’pose I’m just gonna have to keep being a grown up until I’m done being a grown up.

I’m still reading Rapture books, still have Rapture nerdy things to say.  They’ll appear here. They’ll just be more sporadic than usual.

Stop back occasionally if you are so inclined. I will stop back occasionally as well.  We will bond over our mutual occasionality, and it will be a good time.


The Leftovers: Is a new Rapture show coming to HBO?

HBO is working on the pilot for a new Rapture-themed show called Leftovers.  The show will follow select characters who are trying to cope with a new reality “after a rapture-like event zaps a substantial portion of the human population into oblivion.”  Hopefully we will be hearing more about this show soon!  For now, you can read about the project here.

The original book by Tom Perrotta is available on amazon.com.  I can’t wait to read it!

The End is Nearer: Updates for August 25th – September 7th

You may have noticed that I skipped a week. That’s because I’m a rebel and well I do what I want around here.

That also means double the updates this week!  Here goes…

  1. Apocalypsereview began his analysis of post-Rapture sequel The Morning After II (or, as I have dubbed it, The Morning After the Morning After).
    Read the prelude and Part 1. Continue reading

Adventures in Postmillennialism

What is postmillennialism?  Click here for a short explanation.

It’s time for the first post in my new series, “Adventures in Postmillennialism!”

Pray tell, you say, what manner of adventures are these?  Well, I shall tell you.  But I shall start by asking you a question: do you want to make the world a better place?

You do?!  I do too!  And we’re not alone–there are billions of people all over the world who are already making a positive difference.

Sadly, we don’t hear about them much. Gloom and doom sell better.  But these people exist, and they are amazing.  They’re brave and cool and doing fantastic things, and the best part is–they’re ordinary.  They’re people like us just taking an extra moment to do something good.  All of those good things add up into great things, and, before you know it, the world has become a slightly better place.

That’s not always easy to see.  We hear so many awful things on the news.  Sometimes we feel overwhelmed.  Sometimes we give up, or we despair because we feel like we’re the only ones who haven’t given up. Maybe the premils are right, we think.  Maybe the world is getting worse and worse. 

Maybe in some ways it is.  But maybe in most ways its not.  Maybe we gave up on postmillennialism too soon. Because right now, somewhere out there, someone is making someone smile, someone is standing up for what they believe in, someone is changing a life for the better.  We don’t always hear about the good news, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

So that’s what I want to share with you.  Adventures in Postmillennialism.  Examples of people at their best.  I don’t believe in Utopia.  I don’t believe in a perfect Millennium.  But that’s no reason to think things can’t get better.  And that’s no reason to not appreciate the great things that are already happening.

Here’s our first bit of good news.  It’s kind of a big deal. I hope it brightens your day.

One billion people have been lifted from extreme poverty since 1990.

Go world!