Extreme Rapture Practice: Sponsored by Mountain Dew!

A much better-quality video of Extreme Rapture Practice than the one I tried to post earlier.

It’s actually a Mountain Dew ad that was filmed at the same giant slingshot where the Extreme Rapture Practice took place. But, to me, giant slingshots and the Rapture will always go hand in hand.

Great Minds Think Alike

A day after my post on Millennialisms, Fred Clark also wrote about how postmillennialism can be a good thing:

I fought the urge to escape our society and the urge to wait patiently for divine intervention. … And then I prayed for clarity on what I might do to help change the world.

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PS – I breezed pretty quickly over amillennialism before. I should note that most Christians are in fact amillennialists, “a category that actual a-millennialists don’t tend to think of as identifying themselves for the same reason that … most non-Trekkers don’t primarily regard themselves as non-Trekkers,” says Fred (quite logically).

In other words, most people just don’t believe that the Millennium is a thing.   They have other, more important things to think about.

But if you’re going to favor a Millennium, postmil is the way to go.

What’s Your Millennialism?: In Which I Define Some Commonly Used Terms and Stupid Hitler Interrupts My Plans to Watch Monty Python

Have you been wondering just what the heck is premillennial dispensationalism?

If so, congratulations!  Today is the day you find out!

I’m contemplating starting a new series of posts called “Adventures in Postmillennialism.”  It will spotlight good things that are happening in the world.  It will be sort of sporadic, no posting timetable, just me sharing cool things whenever I happen across them.

However, I realized that right now very few people will understand the title “Adventures in Postmillenialism” and what that has to do with anything.  Because I still haven’t explained postmillennialism, or premillennialism, or premillennial dispensationalism!  Soooo looks it’s time to define my terms!

First, what is dispensationalism?

Dispensationalism is the belief that history is divided into stages (or “dispensations”) based on God’s relationship with humanity.  These stages are outlined in the Bible, though what qualifies as a stage is often debated by people like me who seem to have too much time on their hands.

Most dispensationalists count either 3, 4, 7, or 8 stages.  However, everyone agrees that the final stage is … (cue: dramatic music)  *the Millennium.*

Timeline 01

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“This is the End” Interview

More geeking out over This is the End!  Here’s a GQ interview I enjoyed reading, and I thought ya’ll might enjoy it too.

The question was simple: What’s the biggest movie they could make with the smallest budget? The answer, once they hit on it, seemed genius: a story about the end of the world, shot mostly in one room. The resulting short, made back in 2006, starred Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel, and it was such a blast to make that soon the idea took hold: Let’s turn it into a feature film! And let’s cast all our friends in it, playing themselves!

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