TV Alert: Left Behind III and Love’s Long Journey

An alert from Heathen Critique! You won’t want to miss this!*

*You might, in fact, want to miss it.

Heathen Critique

For those of you who get TBN, tonight there will be not one, but two Christian movies!

Left Behind III is delightfully bad, though not something I’ll be reviewing, since that is clearly in Fred Clark’s territory.  😉

Love’s Long Journey is the sixth movie chronologically (though only third movie made—it’s like Star Wars!) in the Love Saga, which is based (very loosely) on Jeanette Oke’s series of books.

This is a series I have thought about reviewing–whaddaya think???

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Sound of Silence from The Leftovers Soundtrack

In exactly 18 days I’ll turn in the final paper of my grad school career, and then I’ll have time to breathe again!  One of the first things I plan to do as an official Master of Library Science is watch The Leftovers and write a review for you fine people.  In the meantime, here is a beautiful song from the soundtrack …