Frozen and Anxiety: In Which My World Ended and then Somehow Began Again


This has nothing to do with the Rapture.  But it’s something that’s deeply important to me and kind of hard to say, so I hope you’ll read it anyway, despite the conspicuous lack of dragons and flaming hail.

Two months ago today, Disney’s Frozen was released in theaters.  Since then it’s basically exploded. Critics are calling it the best film since the Lion King. The internet won’t shut up about it, which is something I’m perfectly ok with. I can’t shut up about it either.

But you can breathe a sigh of relief because this post is not just another excuse to geek out over Frozen. Instead, I want to share with you the reason why this movie has become so important to me. Why something that I didn’t know existed eight weeks ago has become something so meaningful.

***Spoiler alert! I talk about Frozen, obvs. Especially the ending.***

I can only speak from personal experience, because there are a lot of parts of this story that I don’t understand. Eight years ago, I was struck with a terrible anxiety disorder.  It was never diagnosed as more than “general anxiety,” but I suspect it was some form of agoraphobia—fear of leaving safe spaces. I say I was ‘struck with’ it because it came on with no warning. One day I was fine.  The next day I was afraid.  The fear just swelled up all of a sudden.  My heart started racing, palms started sweating, the room grew too small, and I felt this awful burning need to escape. Continue reading


Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture: In which this story begins with the End of the World.

Check out the new Rapture game for PS4 created by The Chinese Room and due out this year!

Game Informer describes it thusly:

Developer: The Chinese Room
Platform: PS4

Dear Esther creators The Chinese Room are kicking of the next-generation with a post-apocalyptic, story-driven adventure game. The narrative begins with the end of the world. From here, your scientist protagonist must explore the lifeless world to gain understanding of what happened. Non-linear in nature, you can piece together the narrative puzzle however you see fit.

Special thanks to Elyse over at Cuddly As a Cactus for the heads up! Here are some links where you can learn more:

Revelation Part 3: Pride, Greed, and Puppies

(Read Part 1 and Part 2.)

Who’s ready for part 3 of Revelation?!

Hopefully everyone who’s reading, since that’s what this post is about.  Our third and final chapter in this thrilling somewhat-interesting-in-places saga has begun!

Thanks, Snarky Internet Cat!  I think I will.  So as you may recall, our hero with the uber-masculine name, Mr. Thorold Stone, is hiding out with a band of Christian rebels.  Also in hiding are some important characters:

  • Helen Hannah, the most wanted woman in the world
  • William Spino (AKA Hacker Guy), Hannah’s half-brother who was conveniently one of the creators of the most important government program in history, and
  • Cindy, the cool blind skeptic whose failure to hang on Jack Van Impe’s every word means it’s only a matter of time before something bad happens to her.

Meanwhile, Creepy False Prophet is looking for Stone because he has a top secret disc that False Prophet wants.  This disc contains the program for a mysterious government event called the Day of Wonders.  Nobody knows what it is yet, but Continue reading