Revelation Part 2: What Happens in the Matrix Stays in the Matrix

Hello all!   I hope you had a splendid holiday!  Me, I came down with a cold that’s still got me snuffling all over the place (blargh), but I also got a marvelous pair of Deathly Hallows earrings, so all in all I feel that I broke even.

We now return to our feature presentation … Revelation Part 2 of 3!

Last week, I stopped a few minutes short of the 1/3 mark, but not much happened during that time.  All we missed was Stone waking up and enlisting the help of his ex-partner’s hacker friend. Then Creepy False Prophet tortured some Christians.

Creepy False Prophet seems to be doing most of the legwork in this global take-over, by the way. Already he’s single-handedly overseeing the world news station, the police force, and the shady secret anti-Christian operations.  Macalusso had better start carrying his own weight in this conspiracy or Creepy False Prophet might just decide to ditch him and make himself Antichrist.

We pick up with Stone and Hacker Guy (real name: Willie Spino), who verifies that the mysterious disc is definitely a government program.  Due to a lucky coincidence, it’s the same program that he’s been working on! Continue reading


Revelation Part I: In Which Haters Continue to Hate

It’s that time of year–time to look at the second movie in Cloud Ten’s Apocalypse series, Revelation!  For you curious folks, here’s the trailer.

Revelation is the sequel to Apocalypse, which I reviewed last summer.  Apocalypse, as you may recall, is the movie that wanted to be Left Behind but tragically did not have the acting talent or the budget to achieve the same level of mediocrity as its inspiration.  From what I hear, Revelation is where the four-part series really starts to come into its own, so I’m–dare I say it–a bit excited to see what happens when it does.

First, a comment on the tag line: “The book has been opened…” I like it!  Maybe that’s just because, as an aspiring librarian, anything that has to do with opening books makes me happy.  But I can also picture that tag line appearing on a legitimate supernatural thriller.  It succeeds in creating a sense of expectancy.

With that hopefulness in mind, let’s begin. Continue reading

RIP Harold Camping (1921-2013)

Judgment Day

Harold Camping passed away this past Monday, Dec 16, at the age of 92. You may remember him as the preacher who predicted the Rapture on May 21, 2011 and again on October 21st of the same year.

RIP Harold Camping.  You may have scared a lot of people, but your crazy-ass prophecies helped me through some hard times, and I won’t forget you for it.

A Break Between Semesters

I’ve missed this blog!  ❤

Luckily, I have two weeks off before grad school starts up again, and I’ve come up with a very productive use of my time: I’m going to review Revelation, the sequel to Cloud Ten’s Apocalypse!  (Remember how much we all loved Apocalypse?! ._.)

Revelation (1999) Poster

Plus, while researching the Apocalypse series, I came across this nifty Wikipedia page on Apocalyptic fiction.  I hope to review some of these in the future too.

Stay tuned!