That’s one way to get detention…

Once school’s out, I think I’m going to switch up the way this blog operates.  Instead of the weekly updates, it will just be a lot of sporadic, “Look at this cool thing I found!”  Basically what I’m doing now but more frequently.

I’ll also try to write more of the longer reviews from time to time.  There are still a lot of books and movies that I want to talk about.  However, I figure the spontaneity will appeal to folks like me who don’t follow any specific posting schedule but just hop around the internet looking for updates whenever they’re bored.

In the meantime, look at this cool thing I found!


(Click on the picture to read other awesome detention stories from Cheezburger.)

Fun fact: The name Marissa means “of the sea.” Maybe she’s really the Antichrist!  I’d be psyched for a female Antichrist!


A Special Anniversary Post

This is one of the many comics I drew in my school notebook six years ago.  I came across it whilst cleaning my room and thought it would be an apt post for today.  Enjoy!

Click to view in a larger size.A Special Anniversary Post

Poor Jesus.  Maybe one of them will let him borrow their copy of Deathly Hallows once they’re done with it.  Can you believe it’s been six years since DH came out?!  Time flies when there are no Harry Potter books to wait for.

There will be another HP-themed post for Harry Potter’s birthday, so stop back July 31st!