Left Behind Movie Release Date Revealed!

A special announcement for Rapture Practice’s 50th post: Left Behind the movie is coming to theaters on October 3rd, 2014!

happy anna



Oh man, oh man, I’m gonna do so many things!  Maybe I’ll have a Rapture party, or go to the midnight release, or show up in an I ❤ Nicolae Carpathia tshirt or OHMYGOD YOU GUYS MAYBE I SHOULD COSPLAY AS VIV IVINS! I TOTALLY LOVE VIV IVINS!

I dunno, I haven’t decided yet! Words cannot express how much I cannot wait for this moment!

Read the Variety article here!


Left Behind: In Which I Rant About What is Literally the Worst Series Ever Written, and I Include the “50 Shades” Trilogy in that Assessment

LB 01

It’s like the authors didn’t even try … because they didn’t.

I suppose to an extent we should all be thanking the embarrassing pile of fail that is the Left Behind series.  Without it, this blog would certainly not exist, and where would we all be then?! (Note: I, for one, would be off doing productive things, and that would be just silly.)

Now, many other, more talented bloggers have done a better (and funnier) job of critiquing LB than I ever could, so I won’t dwell on it for too long.  There’s no point in beating a dead horseman of the apocalypse, after all.  However, since it is the most popular book about the Rapture and has actually made its way into popular culture (The Simpsons did a parody of it, and The Simpsons=Popular Culture.), I feel I owe you at least a summary of the awfulness that is Left Behind.

Hmm, where to begin?  I guess I’ll just dive right in.  Left Behind not only failed to make me want to be a Christian; it managed to do the complete opposite.  To this day, these remain the only books that have ever actually made me want to become a Satanist.  (I don’t mean an atheist who calls themselves a Satanist to make a political point.  I mean that after reading these books my actual response was, “Wow, God sucks. I’d rather worship Satan.”)  Naturally this bothered me a lot.  Even though I don’t believe in a Satan per se, he’s supposed to represent of all the suckiness in the world–like wars and famine and unicorns dying at the hands of evil wizards–and I really don’t like any of those things.

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