The Leftovers: In Which Humans Act Like Humans, and I Cannot Stress How Exceptional This Is

Hi friends! You’ll all be relieved to know that I’m alive and haven’t been Raptured! I came back to do a review of the Left Behind movie and realized I had a nearly-complete write up of The Leftovers (the novel) still in my drafts from August.  So I finished it up! A bit more serious than my usual tone, but I felt that Perrotta’s achievement deserved a little more respect than the usual if-we-throw-Jesus-in-it-no-one-will-notice-how-terrible-it-is excuse for a Rapture story.


The best thing about Tom Perrotta’s The Leftovers is that, compared to other Rapture books, absolutely nothing happens.

That may sound like an insult, but it’s not.

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Left Behind Movie Release Date Revealed!

A special announcement for Rapture Practice’s 50th post: Left Behind the movie is coming to theaters on October 3rd, 2014!

happy anna



Oh man, oh man, I’m gonna do so many things!  Maybe I’ll have a Rapture party, or go to the midnight release, or show up in an I ❤ Nicolae Carpathia tshirt or OHMYGOD YOU GUYS MAYBE I SHOULD COSPLAY AS VIV IVINS! I TOTALLY LOVE VIV IVINS!

I dunno, I haven’t decided yet! Words cannot express how much I cannot wait for this moment!

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The End is Nearer: Updates for August 25th – September 7th

You may have noticed that I skipped a week. That’s because I’m a rebel and well I do what I want around here.

That also means double the updates this week!  Here goes…

  1. Apocalypsereview began his analysis of post-Rapture sequel The Morning After II (or, as I have dubbed it, The Morning After the Morning After).
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Moral Dilemma: A Solution

So I came up with a solution to my dilemma.  (You probably thought I was kidding about the dilemma, but I legit angsted over it for a while.) Admittedly, it would be really cool to even have a chance at getting my music featured in a movie.  Just the hoping and waiting to hear back would be fun, even if the response was no.

But you know what isn’t cool?  Using God as an excuse to treat other people like crap. Also, supporting things that support using God as an excuse to treat other people like crap. That is also not cool.

So instead of submitting my song to Left Behind, I decided to make a youtube video out of it and post said video below:

Problem solved.