Great Minds Think Alike

A day after my post on Millennialisms, Fred Clark also wrote about how postmillennialism can be a good thing:

I fought the urge to escape our society and the urge to wait patiently for divine intervention. … And then I prayed for clarity on what I might do to help change the world.

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PS – I breezed pretty quickly over amillennialism before. I should note that most Christians are in fact amillennialists, “a category that actual a-millennialists don’t tend to think of as identifying themselves for the same reason that … most non-Trekkers don’t primarily regard themselves as non-Trekkers,” says Fred (quite logically).

In other words, most people just don’t believe that the Millennium is a thing.   They have other, more important things to think about.

But if you’re going to favor a Millennium, postmil is the way to go.