A Kingdom of Fornication

I thought this homophobic “Let It Go” parody would upset me, but actually it’s hilarious!  Definitely check out the apocalyptic references in the second two verses!


TV Alert: Left Behind III and Love’s Long Journey

An alert from Heathen Critique! You won’t want to miss this!*

*You might, in fact, want to miss it.

Heathen Critique

For those of you who get TBN, tonight there will be not one, but two Christian movies!

Left Behind III is delightfully bad, though not something I’ll be reviewing, since that is clearly in Fred Clark’s territory.  😉

Love’s Long Journey is the sixth movie chronologically (though only third movie made—it’s like Star Wars!) in the Love Saga, which is based (very loosely) on Jeanette Oke’s series of books.

This is a series I have thought about reviewing–whaddaya think???


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Sound of Silence from The Leftovers Soundtrack

In exactly 18 days I’ll turn in the final paper of my grad school career, and then I’ll have time to breathe again!  One of the first things I plan to do as an official Master of Library Science is watch The Leftovers and write a review for you fine people.  In the meantime, here is a beautiful song from the soundtrack …

The Leftovers: A new Rapture show comes to HBO

Since I first mentioned Tom Perrotta’s The Leftovers half a year ago, it’s become one of my absolute favorite books!  Believe it or not, this is a genuinely literary Rapture novel where the writing is beautiful and the characters are human. Now it has its own TV series, premiering on Sunday, June 29th!  Check out the trailers below!


Rapture Music!

I found this beauty at a flea market last weekend!

People Get Ready

And what a collection!  Geoff Moore compares Jesus to an alien, Rebecca St. James sounds beautiful no matter what she’s singing about, and Crystal Lewis’ “People Get Ready” is my creepy apocalyptic jam!  I was definitely rocking out to this CD on my way to work yesterday.

Jealous?! Don’t be!  People Get Ready can be yours for only $0.01 on amazon!  (Or probably for free on youtube.)

Touched by an Angel

Found this Apocalyptic theory featured on one of my favorite sites, notalwaysright.com!  As End Times theories go, I think it has potential!

Didn’t See That (Second) Coming


(I run an independent coffeehouse on the main drag in a small town. A regular walks in, doing her usual purposeful strut to the counter.)

Me: “Hey [Name], how’s it going?”

Customer: “Good. You know what I want?”

(I nod as I begin making her nonfat, no carb latte with extra ice.)

Customer: “You know, I like Criss Angel…”

Me: “Yeah, he’s… something all right.”

Customer: “You know…” *drifts off for a second before coming back down to earth with the rest of us* “I really think he’s the second coming…”

(I stop what I’m doing to look at her as I wait for the punchline. Turns out it’s not coming.)

Customer: “He can do everything Jesus could do.”

(I’m still waiting for the ‘HA! Funny huh?,’ but I see she’s dead serious and waiting for commiseration.)

Me: “Criss Angel is a magician.”

Customer: *nods smiling*

Me: “An illusionist. He does tricks.”

Customer: *her smile slowly fades to a look of total desolation* “Oh.”

(I finished her latte and rung her up. She didn’t say anything else and walked out looking much less sure of herself. I almost felt bad.)