Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture: In which this story begins with the End of the World.

Check out the new Rapture game for PS4 created by The Chinese Room and due out this year!

Game Informer describes it thusly:

Developer: The Chinese Room
Platform: PS4

Dear Esther creators The Chinese Room are kicking of the next-generation with a post-apocalyptic, story-driven adventure game. The narrative begins with the end of the world. From here, your scientist protagonist must explore the lifeless world to gain understanding of what happened. Non-linear in nature, you can piece together the narrative puzzle however you see fit.

Special thanks to Elyse over at Cuddly As a Cactus for the heads up! Here are some links where you can learn more:





2 thoughts on “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture: In which this story begins with the End of the World.

  1. Interesting. I’ve always figured that a rapture-story could be pretty entertaining if it’s made by an author who A: doesn’t suck, and B: prioritizes making a good story above all else. From what I’ve heard, the Dear Ester people should qualify for A. And since I don’t think they’re RTCs, they’ve got a good shot at B.

    That’s kind of the sad part. The people most invested in the rapture are probably the least qualified people to make good stories about it. They’re far to busy vindicating their prophecies or fictionally punishing their enemies or hoping to scare people into joining their religion to tell a decent story. And their obsession with everything they’ve constructed from the bible as being a literal prophecy tends to result in hopping from imposibility to imposibility. (Allegedly, Christ Clone is decent though.)

  2. Presumably your avatar is a “scientist” so that you don’t simply say “goddidit” and win in the first five seconds.

    Though actually I see no evidence that The Chinese Room are RTCs, apart from the use of the word Rapture, and I think that’s enough in popular culture now that it’s not indicative in itself. Having read the associated articles, I think they’ve decided that an empty world means they don’t have to code any NPCs, and so they’ve built a game round that.

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