The End is Nearer: Updates for the Week of August 4-10

Free updates for all!

First, lots of big news for Left Behind fans and anti-fans!  Filming for the new movie began on August 9th!

Filming Starts

Bad news: Ashley Tisdale left the cast!  They’ve found a new Chloe but have not announced who it is yet.

Good news: Jordan Sparks joined the cast!  She’ll be playing a character named Shasta who is a passenger on Ray Steele’s plane during the Rapture.

There’s no Shasta in the books.  The passengers don’t get names, aside from protagonist Buck Williams.  So I like this Shasta character.  I’m liking the movie more and more.  It’s getting to the point where, if the new movie is as average as the old one, I will be seriously let down. (No pressure or anything, Vic.)

In other Left Behind-related news, Fred Clark updated his evaluation of Nicolae: Rise of the Antichrist…

NRA: What Would Rayford Do? (Do the opposite)–Sometimes I have nothing to add to Fred Clark.  His titles say it all.

Finally, I’ve saved the best for last!  Apocalypsereview is back and has started a 3-part review of The Moment After, a charmingly cringe-worthy Christian Rapture movie!

The Moment After Title Screen

There’s also a sequel called The Moment After II.
If you ask me, they missed a fantastic chance to make a movie called “The Moment After the Moment After.”

Looking forward to more posts from Apocalypsereview in the future!


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