The End is Nearer: Updates for the Week of July 7-13

This is coming to you quite late because I was going to post it on Sunday night when I got home from a trip. But by then my usual websites were blowing up over the whole Zimmerman case, and I needed to avoid the internets for a while because the constant in-your-face arguments were making me want to punch a baby in the face.

You’ll be relieved to note that I did not punch any babies.

Finally, this article made me feel better. I’ve included it in the hopes that, if you were frustrated by the outcome of the case (as I was), it might make you feel better too.  Either way, I enjoyed the surprise Rapture reference at the end!

Mostly it was a slow Rapture week…

Fred Clark’s Friday Music and Left Behind Combo Post reminds us that it getting late, and now it’s even later, and now it’s even later…

And a July 2nd Medjugorje message appeared two weeks ago.  Medjugorje used to have monthly messages, but lately they’ve been coming twice a month.  I’ll have to keep an eye on this.  Could be a portent of things to come…

Medjugorje 2013 7-2

That’s it for this week.  Sorry that July has been such a slow month.  A few things are still on the way.  My review of “This is the End” is almost done, and with Harry Potter’s/J.K. Rowling’s birthday coming up, I will certainly post something to celebrate the occasion.

Til next time!


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