The End is Nearer: Updates for the Week of June 30-July 6

This week we enjoyed the 4th of July, when Americans celebrate our freedom by exploding things!  What other fun things do we have to celebrate from the past week? Let’s find out…

  • Meanwhile,’s commentary page Nearing Midnight proposes a solution to the world’s economic problems, sort of:

    I do not think there is any financial formula that we can use to fix our economy. All of our monetary problems can be traced back to moral failings. Unless we deal with the root cause─sin─the stagnation will only continue to grow worse.

    Fortunately, Christian theology teaches that it’s literally impossible to escape sin, so I guess we’ll just continue on our downward spiral til Jesus saves us. I’m sure that’s a perfectly viable economic theory.

  • Finally, July 2nd was Ashley Tisdale’s birthday!  Ashley will be starring as Chloe Steele in the Left Behind movie!

The world needs more good Christian girls like Chloe here.

Happy birthday, Ashley!

As for the rest of you, tune in later this week for more Rapture-y stuffs!


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