The End is Nearer: Updates for the Week of June 9-15, 2013

I was hoping to post this yesterday by midnight, but I didn’t quite make it.  Anyway, let’s see what else has happened since the last time the end was nearer…

“I’m a bit worried he might decide to get crucified all over again, once he finds out all that’s happened since he left.” — When Jesus returns, will he make it through immigration? Then what? A clever article by Sikh writer T. Sher Singh.

Mouse’s Musings: There’s A Light — Mouse continues to pick apart the embarrassment to humanity that is Left Behind Kids.

NRA: A Lesson for the Ladies — A Fred Clark analysis.  In this passage, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins remind women that we should all be “lovely little ladies,” not sluts who force poor, innocent married men into adultery with our slutty slutness.

“If work is a resposibility, then work is also a right.”  — How Paul’s words of caution to some Apocalyptically-minded Christians are being horribly twisted 2000 years later. (This article’s ties to the apocalypse are tenuous; really, I just love that quote.)

Below, Shira Lazar talks with the director of Rapture-Palooza about the end of the world and other sexy things:

That’s it for last week!  And of course, if you ever come across a cool apocalyptic something that you think should go in a weekly update, send it to Laters, gators.


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